all my life, there was an incessant knocking on the door, and I’d answer it every time. And with each passing moment, it grew more common that I just let it come in. By the time I realized it, it had made a disastrous commonplace within my home. 
when someone comes along to which you want to change everything, and that little homebody wants to destroy your happiness, it will. It isn’t until you open your eyes to what you’ve been allowing to come into your heart that you will see it for what it is. A monster. A death-grip. A destroyer. Jealousy has no place for my home anymore; and when I kicked it out for good, I still hear its slow, hollow knocks.
But I am not answering. I will not listen to it any longer.

Farewell, you devil. You may have willingly stolen years of happiness from me, but you will not steal my joy.

Bennett- “Home For Now”

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